BY Nadav Barnea

By using audio recordings, lighting and projected images, Pa'am ("once" as well as the past tense of "pulse") reveals five characters that share their true memories through a mixture of facts, thoughts and feelings.

Besides the voice of Barnea remembering a frightening moment with his father at sea, one can also hear, among other things, the acclaimed musician Eran Zur talking about his father's death and growing up in Haifa during the 1970's; the senior actress Ora Meirson expose her guilt for not nursing her Holocaust survivor mother; and the notable actor and political activist Doron Tavori share his first encounter with racism as a kid. During the work, one can also read an unspoken text by the prize winning poet Eli Eliahu in which a childhood Initiation nightmare in reviled.

All stories are real and they were collect through a documentary process of interviews and recordings.