The Way In

HABAIT Theater – The way in

HABAIT Theater began working independently in October 2016, and has been recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture as a fringe theater center since 2019. Other than the theater performances presented within this framework, we also host theater shows by other theater groups and the best contemporary dance choreographers, who are carefully selected by the theater’s artistic committee.
In addition to these shows, we also provide unique frameworks and programs, such as the open studio for choreographers, the new artist program, the HABAIT Theater Salon, literary events and more.

Submitting proposals to the program
HABAIT Theater is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture as a fringe theater center. In the field of Israeli theater, this is a professional term used to describe an official supportive framework. In other words, we were chosen to curate the finest independent creators in the field of theater, and provide them with a meticulous professional apparatus which they can use to display their works.
As a fringe center, HABAIT Theater is only a hosting entity – i.e., we do not produce the works but only host existing works. The creators whose shows we display are carefully curated in a manner guaranteeing a high-quality and varied spectrum of independent works. The number of new works we can accept to the program is limited, however, at the same time, our curiosity knows no limits and we are constantly looking for new creators whose works will excite us – so that we have no other choice but to tell them “Yes”.
The shows presented as part of the fringe center receive, free of charge, the right to use our halls, technical and marketing support, love, lots of attention and 75% of the proceeds!
Want to join us and come into our BAIT as a fringe show? If you have work which is ready and well documented, or, alternatively, that you can present to us in person and which has yet to be presented in any other fringe framework, please send us an email with further information and a link to the show to [email protected].

HABAIT Theater hosts theater and dance groups
The HABAIT Theater programs also  includes high-quality stage performances by creators from the field of dance, or creators in the field of theater who receive public support as theater or creative theater groups. These shows are not included in the fringe framework, and are required to bear the cost of the rent and tech support.
The shows we host are carefully selected and enjoy a reduced hall lease rate, marketing support, love and lots of attention.
Want to join us and come into our BAIT as a guest show? Please send us a detailed proposal, and if you are accepted to the artistic program, we will lease our stages to you for your shows at special prices – and will even add, at our expense, social network promotional services, web invitation design and marketing and PR support.

If this sound good to you, and you would like to see if you could present your shows in this framework, send us information about you and your shows with a link to the show by email to [email protected].