Dance BA-BAIT Open Studios

Dance at HABAIT Theater
Contemporary dance is a central and basic component of our DNA. We present dance shows by the best independent choreographers and small dance groups. Other than the information concerning the dance shows we host, this might interest you as well:

1 – Open Studio at HABAIT Theater
A tradition which started with the establishment of the theater: on the last weekend of every month, we open the theater’s dance hall for modest trial runs, without lighting or stage design, without any costs incurred by the performing artists and without early ticket sales – based on a “freedom to finance” / “passing hat” approach for the audience – meaning, they can pay as much they want or can.

The program is suitable for a wide variety of creators in different stages of their dance careers: creators who are starting their journey, and are seeking a worthy stage to perform their works for the first time, as well as seasoned creators who are seeking a safe space for experimentation within the dance format. The program accepts full evening shows (no less than 50 minutes) as well as shorter works – which can be presented together with other works and creators in the same evening. If you don’t have other partners for a full evening plan – we will gladly help and match your work with another short work.
The studio program is open at HABAIT Theater and is supported by the Dance Department at the Ministry of Culture and the PAYIS Council for Culture and Art – with the big winners being the choreographers and the members of the audience, which get to see the work of surprising young creators in comfortable and professional conditions.
If you think this format is relevant for you, don’t hesitate to contact us – send us information about you and about your work (preferably with a link to view the work/previous works) by email to [email protected].