GULLIVER // 22 November

HaZira Performance Arts Arena

By Zvi Sahar / PuppetCinema
Based on Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s Travels

After sixteen years at sea, Lemuel Gulliver returns home. Isolated in his room, he refuses to meet anyone, and only talks with two horses that he brought back with him. He is repulsed by everything and ponders the fate of the human species. After five years of self-imposed isolation, he decides to tell his story for the first time to his wife. Today, he invites you, only you, to listen.

PuppetCinema’s new show, Gulliver, is a modern morality play, a retelling of Jonathan Swift’s satire Gulliver’s Travels. A stage flooded with water and a box containing Gulliver’s thoughts and memories expose Dr. Gulliver’s inner sanctum as he intakes humanity in all its glorious vulnerability. His nightmare is our adventure as we force perspectives never seen before. Giants, savages, artists – judge for yourself who is the most horrible creature of us all.

Dates and tickets // November 22nd Buy now