Not Letting It In - English Open Rehearsal

**"Not Letting It In": Where Truth Takes Center Stage**

Prepare for an unapologetic dive into vulnerability with "Not Letting It In," an immersive theatrical journey that unleashes the power of confession.

In this audacious performance, a global ensemble converges around an intimate table, sharing hidden truths of their lives. Together, they ignite a transformative exploration where, gradually, a communal task unfurls: an invitation for the audience to be a part of the dynamic narrative.

Participate, share, and connect—your role is integral. Join us in conjuring a realm where judgment has no home, and authenticity is the only currency.

**Acclaim for "Not Letting It In":**

✦ "An Echo of Contemporary Performance Art" - PoSham Magazine

✦ "Unfiltered Honesty: A Revelation of Unprecedented Depth" - Haaretz

*Note: The show's improvisational nature guarantees each performance is a unique journey. Content may vary.*

Around the table will perform: Jason Morris Danino Holt (Creator), Hana Vazana Grunwald, Nemuna Ceesay & Rami Schwartzer

In cooperation with BAMAH

About BAMAH:

BAMAH is proud to present the US Tour of NOT LETTING IT IN by Jason Morris Danino Holt. 

Founded by Flo Low, BAMAH is a non-profit (501c3) platform based in Washington, DC that partners with communities to design experiences that harness culture from Israel to inspire and connect audiences of all ages, backgrounds, and identities.

31 August, 20:00 Tickets Here