Jason Danino Holt

Jason Morris Danino Holt is a multi disciplinary artist - founder of self titled, Tel Aviv based indie creation group and artistic director of HABAIT theatre Jaffa. Danino Holt is Playwright, theatre & documentary director, performer,  published writer,  visual artist , teacher, and cultural entrepreneur.
As founding Co Artistic Director of Habait Theatre, Danino Holt built the most prominent theatre for contemporary preformative arts, with major festival and residency programs.
In 2021 Danino Holt received his Master in Fine Arts at the Bezalel Academy.
In these two years of study (2020-2021) he created the solo exhibition “Cleansed” at Indie Gallery, “METOHARIM” a digital collaboration with vulksbonne Berlin, curated with Nataly Zukerman the post covid one-on-one performance festival “Shall We Touch”, took part at the group exhibitions “One Voice” - Eilat, “Tat-Tarbut” at the LGBTQ center, invented and co-edited with Zohar Elmakias Habait Theatres Literature magazine “GUFA”, published the short story “the bluest of blue eyes” at Erev Rav website, received a grant to write a full length play for HaCameri theatre, curated the short theatrical films web hub “Infected Speech” and wrote the script for indie snowboarding japanese film by Tom Gan-Or “Toshki Death”.
His graduation project at Bezalel got positive reviews and resulted in the creation and publication of the artist book “CAT”.
In the rest of 2021 Danino Holt is planned to publish his first novel (Hakibutz publication), open a solo exhibition at Alfred gallery and create a multi-cultural retrospective at “Poc.Cafe” florentin.
Danino Holt is the Winner of the Rozenblum prize for best young artist. From the Jury’s remarks:
“Jason Danino Holt is a young, ambitious and extraordinary artist who has forged a surprising and fascinating path from television stardom to his emergence as a committed artist who possesses a unique, provocative and subversive voice.” “Jason Danino Holt writes and directs most of his works, through which he seeks to stretch the boundaries of theatre and create an alternate theatrical-poetic world, which offers the audience a new inclusive and stirring viewing experience.” “Danino Holt deals in extreme scenarios, which threaten and imperil the supposedly placid and comfortable life of his characters. He uses art to examine, challenge and struggle against that life. Danino Holt’s unique style is based on a dense aesthetic, which produces a wildly carnivalesque result – at once attractive and repulsive, superficial and philosophical, pleasurable and disquieting.”

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