Marina Beltov

Marina Beltov

In 2016, choreographer, director and movement instructor Marina Beltov founded the Habait Theater with Jason Danino Holt. In the few short years that have followed, as Artistic Director she has created enthusiasm and excitement for this fringe theater center located in the midst of Jaffa’s popular Flea Market. Her professional accomplishments in her native Russia and since she immigrated to Israel attest to her considerable talents.

A graduate of Moscow's Russian University of Theatre Arts with a degree from the Faculty of Choreography, she acquired an impressive professional reputation in Moscow’s major theaters before moving to Israel in 1990. In the decades that have followed, Ms. Beltov has enjoyed significant success as a choreographer and movement instructor at the country’s leading acting schools, including the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, where she continues to teach, direct and choreograph. Her choreography for musicals, children's theater and opera productions in both repertory and fringe theaters, has garnered her national acclaim and a significant portfolio of awards. 

Ms. Beltov’s dedication to creating outstanding theatrical productions led her to the field of directing, primarily for the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio and fringe theaters, where her approach has received substantial recognition in Israel, Canada and Russia. Her work focuses on original plays by young artists and incorporates movement derived from the actor, built on improvisation during the rehearsal process.

Since its founding, Habait’s attendance has increased considerably each year as has its reputation for unique and creative performances and productions and its emphasis on new theatrical languages and contemporary and challenging works.


Best Choreography at the 2004 Israeli Theater Prize ("Tzur VeYerushalayim" – Beit Lessin Theater)

Best Choreography at the 2001 Israeli Theater Prize ("The Master and Margarita" – Gesher Theater)

Best Choreography at the 2000 Israeli Theater Prize ("Yam" – Gesher Theater)

Selected Works

"Borot" (2014) – An absurdist fairytale concerning a serial killer condemned to death in a hole filled with the shoes of his victims. Beltov directed with Ariel Bronz, who also wrote the play.

Eretz Puk (2014) – An absurdist sociopolitical play set in a hospital. Beltov directed the play, written by Ariel Bronz 

I Am Daniil Kharms (2015) – A play based on the short stories of Daniil Kharms, a subversive Russian absurdist writer who was active in 1930s Soviet Russia.