homegrown incubator

Homegrown Incubator Residency

A unique residency program – the first of its kind in Israel – for artists who have yet to produce a full-length work on a professional stage. The incubator program will provide selected artists with personal, professional guidance for a period of six months. At the end of this term, one of the participants will receive a production grant and will enjoy continued professional accompaniment leading up to a premiere at the Theater.

We conceived this program out of a realization that, barring various festivals, artists today rarely get serious opportunities to pursue debut projects. And festivals, wonderful and creative platforms though they may be, usually operate under strict timeframes, with no work space offered and runs limited only to the festivals themselves. We seek to provide artists taking part in the residency program with long-term, professional support, spaces to work in and most importantly – a home. A home that fosters confidence and provides a dependable venue for their production following its debut. A home that will prepare them for the real, and complicated, world of independent theater work.

The residency program is comprised of two stages:

The first stage – a guided testing ground for project development, culminating in a performance event before an audience.

The second stage – a full production grant awarded to one of the artists, leading to a debut at Habait Theater.

In 2017 the incubator program produced the first full work of Ariel Brown – “Efes Homo-Meniac”

Images from an internal journey. In a monstrous

metropolis spanning the entire mind. In a world

in which the question ‘Who am I?’ is the air one breathes.

A boy who runs out to play, leaving a worried mother

behind. A mega-celeb fucking for all to see.

A hiker climbing to a cabin at mountain’s edge.

A couple driving to the tune of the radio. They

echo endlessly in the kaleidoscope of

reflections. If they were only allowed, for the briefest of moments,

to see themselves as they truly are.